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Distracted driving car accidents remain a growing concern

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Car Accidents

Whether we are driving down the street or across the country, it is likely that our cellphones are nearby. In fact, many drivers have their cellphones right next to them, as they use them to text and call while they are driving. This form of distracted driving is dangerous. It is so dangerous, in fact, that this type of distracted driving causes many deaths each year.

Current studies indicate that the deaths occurring on U.S. highways have been increasing. This trend remains, despite the fact that vehicles are getting safer and safer each year. So why is this trend occurring? The explanation is people. Motorists decide to be unsafe behind the wheel of a vehicle, causing accidents to be more likely than ever. Although vehicles are getting better when it comes to safety, motorists are not doing any better to maintain their focus while operating a motor vehicle.

When looking at distracted driving as a whole, this was the cause of 9 percent of all fatal road collisions and 6 percent of all driver fatality crashes. In a two-year period, the rate of fatal accidents has increased by 14 percent. While cellphones are a major culprit when it comes to distracted driving, they are not the only source or concern. Based on current data, cellphones are the cause of 14 percent of fatal crashes. However, the highest rate of fatal accidents caused by distracted driving was due to motorists daydreaming.

The issue with distracted driving is the fact that it causes a driver to not focus on the task at hand, which is driver. This could be because their eyes are not on the road, their hands are not on the steering wheel or their mind is not focused on driving. No matter the cause or type of distraction, it is important to understand the cause of an accident. Whether you are an injured victim or a survivor of a loved one lost in a fatal crash, it is important to get answers to your questions, helping you understand whether you can obtain compensation through a personal injury actin or wrongful death claim.