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Three students injured in 2 bus crashes

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Car Accidents

Motor vehicle collisions can happen at any time and can involve a wide range of vehicles. Whether it’s during the early morning rush hour to work, on the way to school or while you are on your way to the store, a crash could happen for a wide array of reasons. Thus, it is important to understand what caused the crash and who might be responsible, as it is possible to hold them accountable for any harm suffered.

According to recent reports, a bus accident recently occurred in Chesapeake. Authorities in Virginia reported that there were injuries involved in the accident that involved two school buses. Emergency crews were called to the 2600 block of Broad Street during the afternoon hours.

Initial investigation discovered that one school bus sideswiped the other bus. Children passengers were on board both buses at the time of the crash. It was reported that three children suffered injuries; however, none of them required immediate medical attention. The crash is still under investigation, and it is not clear at this time what caused the crash or who was accountable.

A school bus accident can be a serious crash. Because children unrestrained on a bus, it is possible for the to suffer a wide range of injuries. When a person is injured in a bus accident, it is important to explore your rights and options. This could mean filing a personal injury action to recover compensation for losses and damages. Seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney can be helpful to those in such situations.