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What are the most dangerous consumer products on the market?

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2020 | Products Liability

There are many consumer products on the market; however, some are more dangerous than others. Manufacturers and government regulators alike recall countless consumer products from the market due to some risk of serious bodily or life-threatening injuries every year.

Flooring has consistently tended to be the most dangerous of all consumer products over the past few years. Nearly two million people become injured due to flooring materials each year in the United States. The elderly, especially those over 80, are the most vulnerable to getting hurt by flooring. Females tend to suffer more flooring-related injuries than males. At least 60% of such incidents involve women.

Stairs are another deadly culprit. More than half of U.S. homes have stairs. More than 1.3 million people are injured annually due to stair-related incidents, such as falling, tripping and slipping. At least 60% of injuries affect women. Older individuals are more vulnerable than younger people to getting hurt.

Beds or bed frames can be hazardous to a person’s health, especially for those under the age of 10. Nearly one million people suffer injuries from beds or bed frames each year in this country. Almost 58% of those individuals are females. Children most often suffer severe injuries by falling off beds and sofas that sit up higher off the ground.

Doctors often recommend for individuals to stay active. Doing so comes with risks, though. More than 500,000 people in the U.S. suffer basketball-related injuries each year. More than 80% of those individuals are males who are under the age of 30.

Bicycling injuries aren’t far behind. At least 400,000 of these injuries occur annually. Nearly 75% of them involve males under the age of 20.

Many products on the market pose dangers. Some can cause much more severe injuries than others, though. You might qualify for compensation if a defective consumer product injured you. A consumer protection attorney will want to review the details of your Roanoke City case before advising you whether you may be entitled to file suit for compensation under Virginia law.