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I-81 crash kills 2 and involves at least 6 vehicles

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2020 | Car Accidents

Summer has come to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and good weather often brings more drivers to Skyline Drive and the other scenic road in southwest Virginia. But that can also bring problems, as locals know. Interstate 81’s journey up the Shenandoah Valley can be the location of some awful accidents.

A multivehicle crash at the line between Wythe and Pulaski counties has claimed at least two lives. Tractor-trailers and passenger cars were among the six vehicles involved in the incident. The Virginia State Police is investigating the accident to help determine how it began.

Crash reconstruction can show the dynamics of large accidents involving multiple vehicles for two important reasons. The first is to advise highway design, safety laws and other ways of preventing similar accidents in the future. The second is to determine if a driver’s reckless or negligent behavior may have caused the crash.

This matters in case the survivors of those killed in one decide to pursue financial damages in a lawsuit. Recovery from a horrible accident may depend on a secure financial foundation and the mistakes of others should not be a reason that victims cannot rely on one.

An attorney can help figure out if the best way forward is a lawsuit that results in a settlement or a verdict in civil court. Legal representation can handle all the required details while you focus on yourself and your family at one of the most difficult times in life. No one should have to put their life back together without help.