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Manufacturers have a duty to warn consumers of product dangers

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Products Liability

Consumers who purchase products should always read the instructions carefully, so they know how to use the product safely. But, what happens when the instructions don’t adequately describe how to use the product or they don’t convey the appropriate warnings for the product?

Manufacturers have a duty to provide consumers with specific information that helps them to avoid being injured by the products. There are two specific duties that they have:

  • Provide instructions on the safe use on the product, so the consumer can avoid injuries
  • Warn consumers of dangers of the product, including hidden hazards

Any warnings that must be made should be clear and concise. They must be placed in an obvious location so that all consumers can see them. In some cases, this might be on the product packaging, the product itself or in the instruction manual. Some manufacturers want to ensure that the warnings are easy to spot and will include them in more than one of those locations. Some will even use symbols and include the warnings in foreign languages to boost the awareness of the dangers.

Consumers who suffer an injury because of inadequate warnings or instructions might opt to pursue a claim for compensation from the manufacturer. This is done by filing a claim in civil court.

You can seek damages for things like medical bills, wages that you weren’t able to earn while you healed and similar expenses that are directly related to the injury you suffered due to the issue with the warnings or instructions of the product. Your ability to seek compensation has strict time limits, so be sure to take action quickly.