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Who pays for injuries in a semitruck crash? What do they pay for?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Truck Accidents

There are many injuries that victims can suffer in semitruck crash cases. They range from minor scrapes to catastrophic injuries that might result in a fatality. For these victims, the financial devastation of the crash is often another blow that they didn’t think about at the start of their claim. Seeking compensation for the damages of the big rig crash can help them to recover those damages.

When we work with you in a semitruck crash injury claim, there are several things that we have to determine. All of these work together to ensure that you have a comprehensive case to show why you need the compensation you’re seeking.

Who is named as a defendant?

The parties who share the responsibility for the crash are the ones whom you name as defendants. The circumstances of the case determine the defendants. For example, the truck driver, trucking company, insurer and even other negligent drivers might all be named as defendants. We carefully evaluate what happened to determine a list of defendants.

What kinds of damages can you claim?

The damages also depend on what happened in the accident and what effects your injuries are having on your life. Most individuals seek compensation for medical care. Victims who have to take time off work due to their injuries will add in lost wages. Other damages, such as those for loss of consortium, pain and suffering and similar torts might also apply.

It’s imperative that we seek all damages necessary from the start of the case. Once we seek compensation and the case is resolved, we can’t go back and ask for more. Because of this, we factor in the cost of all damages, including those that you’ll likely deal with in the future.