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Never drive in a trucker’s blind spot

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2020 | Truck Accidents

People who are on the roadways around semitrucks must ensure that they are driving safely around them. These individuals must ensure that they’re avoiding the blind spots since the trucker can’t see their vehicle when they’re in those. Unfortunately, it’s possible to suffer a catastrophic injury if you’re struck by a semitruck while you’re in the “no zone.”

The blind spots of a semitruck span all around the truck. On the driver’s side, it encompasses the lane on the side of the truck from the front of the rig to well beyond the end of the trailer. It spans the same length on the passenger side, but it is two lanes wide. In front of the cab and directly behind the trailer are also blind spots.

Why should you avoid blind spots?

Typically, it’s fine to drive through the no zone, but you shouldn’t hang out there. If the trucker has to switch lanes and you are in one of the blind spots on the side of the rig, you may get struck. The trucker might not see you in front of the truck and could slam into you if you have to stop suddenly.

It’s also important to avoid these blind spots because of the wide turns necessary for semitrucks. This makes it very dangerous to drive in the side blind spots because you never know when the trucker will need to make a sudden turn. You could be in danger of a crash if the trucker can’t see you.

Driving in the trucker’s blind spots isn’t always the cause of a semitruck crash. In any wreck when the trucker’s negligence contributed to the crash, the victims might opt to pursue a claim for compensation. This could help them negate the financial damages they have to deal with after the crash.