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Does daydreaming lead to distracted driving accidents?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2021 | Car Accidents

Distracted driving remains a problem on Virginia roads, and even a mild distraction could result in a collision. Distractions may come from several sources, including multimedia displays, smartphones and even conversations with passengers. Sometimes, distractions are self-inflicted: A driver might find him or herself daydreaming behind the wheel, potentially leading to disastrous consequences.

Daydreaming could cause distractions

Using a phone and texting while driving cause numerous accidents, but one of the top causes of distracted driving remains daydreaming. Such information should not come as a surprise since most drivers may find themselves drifting in thought at one point. Disciplined drivers might never pick up a phone or play with a multimedia system, but their minds could drift to thoughts about errands, work duties, bills and more. No matter what someone thinks about, roaming thoughts could take their mind off the road, which creates a potential danger.

A daydreaming driver might not notice when the vehicle in front of them brakes suddenly or when a light turns red. These and other mishaps could lead to a disastrous crash. A negligence suit may follow if anyone is injured or property suffers damage.

While daydreaming behind the wheel is commonplace, this doesn’t free someone from civil repercussions from an accident. Anyone liable for financial losses derived from a negligent accident might pay a massive judgment.

Distracted driving and litigation

Auto liability insurance may provide a settlement to someone injured by a distracted driver. Unfortunately for the victim, the insurance company may attempt to challenge the claim. A daydreamer doesn’t leave much evidence of their distraction, unlike someone visibly talking on the phone and captured on dashcam footage.

An attorney may be able to negotiate with an insurance company after the car accident to obtain compensation for the crash victim. The attorney might even sue the insurance provider if it tries to back out of its obligations.