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Distracted driving leads to fatal accident in Virginia

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2022 | Car Accidents

Even a slight distraction could lead to a car crash, and prolonged distractions may increase the possibility dramatically. Glancing at buildings to identify a street address or having coffee behind the wheel are not out-of-the-ordinary practices for many Virginia drivers, but such distracting behaviors may lead to collisions. Texting and driving might be among the most dangerous distractions, as evidenced by fatal crashes the action sometimes causes.

A deadly texting-related accident draws attention

Media reports about a fatal accident in Chesterfield County further reveal the dangers of texting while driving. In February 2019, a dump truck driver briefly looked down at his phone to text while driving, and the results were catastrophic. The truck hit a first responder who was driving a Honda. The first responder died at the scene, and the dump truck driver would later serve a prison term.

After his release from jail, the dump truck driver implored people not to text and drive. The driver noted he only diverted his attention to the phone for “one second,” but a brief distraction was all it took for a crash.

Distracted driving and dangers

When someone doesn’t pay strict attention to the road, the person might not react in time to avoid an accident. A driver snapped back to reality upon hearing a car horn may panic and oversteer or otherwise improperly operate the vehicle. Fatal car accidents may result when a driver isn’t in complete control.

Distracted drivers might face negligence lawsuits for their actions, including ones based on wrongful death. Personal injury lawsuits could also seek compensation for lost wages, property damage, medical bills, and more. An insurance claim may settle the lawsuit, but some cases could involve litigation.