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Talking to your kids about your brain injury

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | Brain Injuries

A child’s brain is underdeveloped and, most certainly, underprepared to deal with some of the unique or complex phenomena of life. As such, any serious trauma like a sudden illness or injury of a parent or close relative in Virginia can cause physical changes to their brain, which can affect how they think, speak and act. Thus, it’s crucial to help your child understand what has happened and how it may affect them and their family.

Start by explaining what brain injury is

Help your child understand the basics of brain injuries, focusing on the physical and neurological changes that can result from them. Explain in simple terms what happens to the brain after an injury and how it may affect a person’s behavior.

Try to avoid medical jargon, complex terms or phrases they wouldn’t understand or words that might have a negative connotation. Also, consider the age and maturity level of your child while relaying this information.

Encourage them to ask questions

It’s important for children to feel comfortable asking questions about their parent’s injury and its effects. Reassure your child that there are no wrong questions, but also let them know that some answers may not always be available.

Talk about the changes that may take place

Inform your child of any physical, emotional or behavioral changes that may occur due to your injury. Help them understand that such changes are a natural part of brain injury recovery and that people can still lead fulfilling lives after a brain injury.

Any type of injury in the family can have significant effects on everyone, especially minors. However, by having honest and open conversations with your child, you can help them to better cope with the situation in a healthy way. With your guidance, they will be able to accept the changes that have taken place and learn how to adjust. In time, this experience can also teach them important life lessons about resilience and dealing with difficult times.