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Toys from other countries can be dangerous

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2023 | Products Liability

Today, it is easy to find toys from other countries. While many are safe and entertaining, parents and caregivers must recognize the potential dangers of items originating in faraway lands.

There is a cornucopia of reasons why playthings built outside these borders may be hazardous. Adults have a responsibility to vet products before placing them in little hands.

Inadequate safety standards

Certain areas of the globe have governments that do not force companies to adhere to the same safety standards as American companies. When consumer protection agencies allow manufacturers free reign and their products come here, it floods the marketplace with hidden threats.

Substandard materials

Toys from other countries sometimes use materials that citizens of this great nation would never allow. If they include toxic substances or chemicals that are ingestible, it creates a situation that may lead to injury or even death.

Choking hazards

Foreign-made gizmos do not always undergo the same rigorous testing as those locally produced. Small parts that detach pose a significant risk to young children, who habitually put everything in their mouths. Magnets are of particular concern, as they will attract to each other within the intestines. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends only giving games and gadgets that use magnets to adolescents 14 years and older.

While many imported toys are as harmless as they are delightful, others do not offer the same assurance against injury. Avoid playthings that could cause harm by only shopping at outlets with stellar safety reputations and researching every buy.