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The principles behind personal injury law

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2023 | Brain Injuries, Car Accidents, Products Liability, Truck Accidents, Wrongful Death

The philosophy and principles behind personal injury law primarily center on the concept of “tort.” A tort is any action or failure to act that causes injury or harm to another person. Personal injury law protects individuals who suffered injuries or damages due to torts. It provides a legal avenue for them to seek compensation. Even though every state has its own variation of personal injury laws, they are all governed by the same key and basic principles. Understanding how significant personal injury law is for everyone requires a deeper look at those underlying principles.


One of the main objectives of personal injury law is to hold those who cause harm to others accountable for their actions. Accountability is when an individual or entity acknowledges that they made a mistake, and they should correct it. It is about being responsible for the decisions made and actions taken.


The victims of personal injury suffer unnecessary and avoidable economic and non-economic losses because of the wrongful actions or inactions of another. They will need time and money to heal. Through a personal injury claim or lawsuit, they can seek compensation to help them recover to the position they were in before the injury occurred.


Personal injury law encourages people to be more careful when fulfilling their duties to others. It serves as both a punishment for the wrongdoer and a deterrent to prevent similar harmful actions in the future. The threat of legal action can be a powerful incentive for individuals and businesses to act responsibly and take precautions to avoid harm.


Justice is the principle of fairness. It is about correcting wrongs by holding the wrongdoer accountable and distributing resources to those who suffered losses from the wrongs. Without personal injury law, victims would not have a legal avenue to achieve justice.

Personal injury law gives every single person a legal obligation and a social responsibility to be careful and avoid harming others. In Virginia, people must take that responsibility very seriously because if they contributed in any way to an accident or incident that caused their injuries, they may not be able to collect compensation.