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What does Virginia law say about fault for car crashes?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2023 | Car Accidents

In very rare cases, a car crash is not the fault of either party involved. Road or vehicle issues might lead to a collision occurring, and neither driver would necessarily be able to prevent that wreck. Most of the time, however, one driver or another is clearly to blame for a crash.

Although people may try to deny fault, the truth will eventually come out when police officers, attorneys and/or insurance companies start investigating a wreck. Those negatively affected by a Virginia crash may need to file an insurance claim or possibly take the matter to civil court.

What do Virginia state laws say about fault and liability for a crash?

The driver at fault has financial responsibility

Drivers in Virginia typically carry liability insurance coverage. Their policies will pay for losses when they are at fault for a crash. If their insurance won’t cover enough or if they do not have an active policy, then the driver at fault for the wreck could face a personal injury lawsuit.

Sometimes, drivers are at fault for a crash because they clearly violated Virginia traffic statutes. Getting too close to another vehicle is a perfect example. Drivers who do not maintain an appropriate following distance make others nervous and may not be able to stop in time when traffic conditions suddenly change. Excessive speed, failing to use turn signals or rolling through a red light are all also traffic infractions that could make someone be liable party for a crash. All of these traffic infractions would make someone at fault for a crash and liable for any losses it produces.

Provided that someone tells the truth and pays for insurance, it may be relatively simple for someone affected by a crash to obtain compensation. Other times, a thorough investigation by police officers, insurance professionals or lawyers may be necessary to establish who is to blame and help them obtain an appropriate amount of compensation.

Even when someone has very obviously broken the law, they may still try to avoid personal responsibility for the crash that they caused. Learning about what Virginia says about liability and fault could help those affected by a collision hold the right party accountable for a crash.