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Products Liability Archives

Up to 1,000 ATVs recalled for fire and burn hazards

ATV use is increasingly popular, which is why it is important to be familiar with safety concerns and protections for riders. Approximately 850 to 1,000 all terrain vehicles or ATVs)have been recalled because of a fire hazard. The ATVs were recently recalled because the side panel heat shield can melt, creates a fire and burn hazard for riders of these recalled ATVs. Additionally, the exhaust springs can stretch and damage the exhaust seal, resulting in exhaust leaks, which can also create fire and burn hazards for riders. The ATV recall includes 2015 and 2016 models, all of them coming in a variety of colors.

What is a defective product?

Defective products are a serious concern for victims harmed by them. Injuries caused by a defective product may give rise to liability to a number of parties. Parties that may be liable for harm caused by defective products can include the manufacturer of the parts of the product, the assembler of the product, the wholesaler and the retailer.

Victims of defective motor vehicles are legally protected

Motor vehicle recalls have been in the news a significant number of times recently. When a defective motor vehicle has caused harm to victims, it may be the result of defective air bags, defective seat belts, poor crashworthiness, poor rollover strength design or the result of some other auto defect. It is possible that the manufacturer of the defective vehicle or auto part may be liable to compensate the victim harmed by the defect for the victim's damages.

Another death linked to defective airbags

The eleventh death in the United States attributed to defective Takata airbags was recently reported. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirmed that a 50-year old woman died in a west coast state following a car accident. The death was blamed on the defective airbags which are the subject of the largest ever auto recall. The defective airbags have been responsible for 16 deaths worldwide and 70 million have been recalled in the U.S., while 100 million have been recalled worldwide.

Samsung recalls phones due to fire hazard

The importance of protecting victims from defective products cannot be underestimated. This blog has discussed the serious nature of auto recalls and how important it is to ensure that other defective products are not in the hands of consumers. Recently, Samsung announced it was recalling Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones that were sold prior to September 15, 2016. The phones have been recalled because they present a serious burn danger to consumers.

What are the potential impacts of a rollover accident?

Rollover accidents are the greatest risk involved in SUV, truck and minivan accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that there are greater than 280,000 rollover accidents annually and greater than 10,000 fatalities annually as a result. In general, SUVs can be more top heavy and more likely to be involved in a rollover accident.

Understanding the harm caused by dangerous or defective drugs

Different drugs and medicines must be properly tested before entry into the market. Testing must be conducted according to the Food and Drug Administration's standards and the criteria they set forth. In circumstances when a drug is defective and injures patients and consumers, drug companies may be liable for the damages and harm suffered by the victims.

Star Trek actor killed in accident involving recalled vehicle

The vehicle that rolled backward recently killing its owner, Anton Yelchin, best known as a Star Trek actor, was a vehicle model that had been previously recalled. The vehicle was recalled due to a gear shift concern that was confusing to drivers who may accidentally be led to believe that the car was safely in park when it was in neutral. The actor was killed after he got out of the vehicle and it rolled down his steep driveway, crushing him against a mailbox that was reinforced with concrete.

The rise in recalls of defective products in the U.S.

This blog recently discussed both the dangers and concerns associated with defective products when manufacturers fail to provide proper warnings. From food items to household items and cars, a variety of products have been recalled recently. Manufacturers have recalled thousands of products this year. Across nearly every product category, product recalls are on the rise and recalls are not expected to end. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, for instance, announces one food recall each day and annual food safety recalls have doubled since 2002.

Manufacturers may be liable for failure to warn of dangers

There are a number of different ways that a manufacturer of a dangerous or defective product may be liable to victims injured by the product. In some circumstances, a manufacturer may be liable for a failure to warn. Because it is a safety issue, it is important that consumers are familiar with the duties of manufacturers and the resources available to injured victims when the manufacturer has not fulfilled their duties and consumers have been injured as a result.

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