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Virginia crash may be the result of bad tires

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2013 | Car Accidents

According to Vermont State Police, a crash that happened on Interstate 89 may have been caused by faulty tires.

The auto accident occurred in the afternoon on June 29. The 25-year-old Hyde Park female driver was travelling northbound on Interstate 89. Shortly before reaching the Richmond exit, she lost control of her 2007 Ford Focus. The roads were slick at the time she struck a 2007 Suzi driven by a 19-year-old Gilford, New Hampshire resident. Both vehicles traveled into the median before the 25-year-old driver’s vehicle flipped on its roof. Both drivers did not sustain any injuries. They were wearing seatbelts.

According to Vermont State Police, the rear tires of the Ford Focus were void of any treads. Thus, the police suspect that the tires were the reason why the woman hydroplaned, losing control of the vehicle. Police issued the female driver a ticket for $156 after the auto crash. It is not known whether or not she faces any other charges.

A driver using tires without treads can be at fault for causing an auto accident. Whether the victim involved in the crash suffers injuries or not, he or she can file a personal injury lawsuit. This type of lawsuit requests that the wrongful party pay for damages such as vehicle repairs, lost wages and medical bills. To obtain legal assistance with the lawsuit, a victim should hire a personal injury lawyer. He or she may look at the circumstances surrounding the accident such as bad tires. The lawyer may also look for evidence showing the other driver was at fault. The personal injury lawyer may present witness testimony and evidence in order to help prove the case in court. he or she .

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