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Man killed in two car collision in Virginia

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2014 | Car Accidents

Driving a car is a necessary part of life for most Virginia residents. Because it is such a common, day-to-day activity, many forget the dangers and risks associated with driving a motor vehicle. The reality, however, is that driving is likely one of the more dangerous activities that people engage in every day. It is unfortunately very common to hear of car accidents in which someone is severely injured or killed. While sometimes these accidents are due to unavoidable road or weather conditions, oftentimes they result from the reckless or negligent actions of others.

A serious car accident recently occurred in Virginia at the intersection of Route 642 and Route 740 in Stephens City. The accident involved a 60-year-old driver of an automobile who was driving along the highway when another vehicle pulled out from a stop sign and hit his left rear. The driver of the second vehicle was an 86-year-old female who suffered no injuries as a result of the collision. The other driver was killed, however, after his car overturned and he was thrown from the vehicle. Authorities are still investigating this accident.

Many car accidents have more than one contributing cause. For this reason, it is important to determine who the authorities place at fault for the accident because such determinations can be critical evidence of liability in a personal injury lawsuit. Although many people may initially think that it is too difficult to pursue a lawsuit soon after a traumatic accident, it is important to start the process right away in order to not lose the right to sue due to statutes of limitations. It is also important to begin collecting valuable evidence.

Damages resulting from car accidents, especially those resulting from a serious crash, can quickly add up and create a serious financial burden on a victim and his or her family. If long-term treatment or care or rehabilitation is required, the costs can become astronomical. In cases where a fatality occurred, compensation may be needed to replace lost income and pay funeral or end-of-life expenses. The negligent driver, not the victim, should be the one to cover these costs, but a victim can often not obtain the compensation needed without filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

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