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December 2016 Archives

Soft tissue injuries are serious for car accident victims

A variety of injuries can result from car accidents in Virginia. For instance, though their seriousness may sometimes be overlooked, soft tissue injuries are both common and serious injuries that can result from a car accident. Soft tissue and related whiplash injuries may not be noticed immediately. It is important for car accident victims to understand these injuries and their rights if they are harmed in a car accident by a negligent driver.

Understanding the impact of truck driver distraction

Distracted driving is a real danger and can be extremely dangerous when engaged in by truck drivers. Generally, distracted driving includes activities that remove the truck driver or other driver's focus from the roadway so that safe driving practices are not maintained. Distracted driving increases the risk of a car or truck accident. Truck drivers can be distracted by activities inside or outside of the cab of the truck, which can lead to a distracted driving-related truck accident.

Virginia multi-car accident kills two and injures six

Car accidents can unexpectedly change the lives of victims and families in an instant. A 3-car crash in Virginia recently claimed the lives of 2 people and injured 6 others. According to authorities, the multiple vehicle accident occurred when a mini-van crossed the median and struck a passenger vehicle head on. The impact of the multiple vehicle accident caused the passenger vehicle to flip and strike another van. The 44-year old driver of the minivan that crossed the median was transported to the hospital with serious injuries; the 20 year old passenger in her vehicle was killed in the accident.

What things are important to know about truck accidents?

Large truck accidents can be nothing short of catastrophic for victims. Large truck accidents, or commercial vehicle accidents, refer to accidents involving trucks that are used for a commercial purpose such as in the course of business or to transport goods commercially. Semi-trucks, delivery trucks, freight trucks, tanker trucks, cement trucks, dump trucks and other types of large trucks are all generally considered commercial vehicles. Because of their size and purpose, an accident with a large truck can result in devastation for victims.

Legal help is available to traumatic brain injury victims

Traumatic brain injuries can have a lifelong and life-altering impact on the lives of victims. Victims of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can face a future of cognitive, physical and emotional challenges as a result of the injuries they have suffered. They may also face sensory, mood and personality challenges and disruptions as a result of the injury they have suffered. The changes in victims of TBI can be a struggle for victims and family members and loved ones to cope with.

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