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Car accidents and the loss of companionship

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2018 | Car Accidents

There are many risks and dangers in life. Though, many individuals in Virginia and elsewhere do not think about them on a daily basis. Take automobiles, for example. There are many risks associated with operating a vehicle and even being a passenger, but it is unlikely that these risks are thought about every time a person travels in a vehicle. Due to the current statistical rate of car crashes, it is not a surprising event. However, being involved in a car accident is a shocking event for those involved, as the injuries and damages can be severe.

For the most part, when it comes to pain and suffering in a car accident, one thinks about the physical damages. The injuries involved in a car crash can be tremendous. But, this is likely not the only suffering brought on by the incident. One type of damage suffered is known as loss of companionship.

The loss of companionship can look different from one accident to the next. It refers to a loved one’s suffering as it relates to the injuries suffered by the car accident victim. In other words, if a victim is in a comma or seriously disabled because of the accident, a loved one could file an action for their loss of companionship and affection.

For the most part, it is a spouse of the accident victim bringing the action. However, it is possible for a parent or a child to file this action. Loss of consortium is also known as the loss of affection and loss of companionship, and it refers to the benefits associated with the married life or parenting life. In order for such an action to be brought, the accident victim must have suffered serious injuries so that the victim can no longer provide the same, love, companionship, affection, care, parenting or sexual relationship.

The damages suffered by a car accident can go beyond those experienced by the accident victim. It is also possible for loved ones of the victim to bring an action against a negligent party. Thus, it is important to always be aware of one’s rights and what can be done to protect them.