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You may want to think twice before buying some toys

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2018 | Products Liability

Toys have been, and remain, popular Christmas gifts to give to children and babies. Kids in Roanoke, Virginia, often enjoy playing with toys of all types, and that inherent gratitude can give the adults in their lives a lot of pleasure as well.

Most toys are safe for children to use, but there are unfortunately some that are on the market which may wind up tarnishing the holiday season with an injury or, in the worst cases, even the death of a child or a baby.

It may be fairly obvious to parents and kids alike that some of these toys are a bit risky. For example, the ever-popular, and dangerous, toy Nerf guns made the list of particularly dangerous toys that are on the market this season, as did a toy sword and toy claws that allow a child to slash like a superhero with superhuman claws. The Stomp Rocket, which allows children to launch a projectile in to the air, also made the list.

However, it may be less obvious that some of the children’s toys on the list are really dangerous. Many of them are made for small children and give at least some impression that a baby or young toddler could play with them. However, they actually have small parts that a baby could choke on. One toy in particular has been marketed as a “pull toy,” which allowed the manufacturer to get around regulations and include a longer string that can cause strangulation.

Of course, the wish is for every child to have a safe and happy holiday season. However, should an injury occur because of one of these or another toy, the parents may have the option to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer and other responsible parties.