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Distance, distractions, and dangerous truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2019 | Truck Accidents

Virginia roads and highways are often traveled by commercial drivers who, in their rigs and massive trucks, carry the goods that residents want and need. Trucks and their drivers are integral parts of the cycle of commerce in the United States, and through trucking many businesses are able to deliver their products to stores, customers, and wholesalers. Although trucking is an important means of transport for retail and commercial items, it can be a dangerous practice when truck drivers fail to meet their duties of care.

One unfortunate way that truck drivers may fail to act reasonably and to keep themselves and others safe is by allowing distractions to affect their operating capacities. Driving distractions come in many different forms, though in the current technological climate handheld devices are a major cause of driver inattention. Sending and receiving text messages, dialing phone numbers, web surfing, and other internet-based activities are all hazardous activities to do when behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Though distracted driving is a problem for drivers of all vehicles, it can be particularly deadly when involving truck drivers. Anyone who has seen a commercial truck out on a road can attest to their sheer size. The large size and massive weight of a truck can make it hard to stop when a driver needs to act fast. Since distractions can prevent drivers from seeing changes in road conditions, the heavy weights and increased stopping distances of trucks can make it hard on distracted drivers to prevent dangerous vehicle accidents.

This post does not provide readers with any legal advice. Questions about truck accidents, distracted driving, and stopping distances should always be directed to personal injury and vehicle accident attorneys. Victims who are harmed in these and other types of truck accidents may have legal options for recovering what they have lost at the hands of a negligent trucker.