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Alleged drunk driving accident causes serious injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | Car Accidents

A Virginia couple are recovering after suffering serious injuries in a car accident reportedly caused by a drunk driver. The pair were driving home from an event on the night of Feb. 7 when they stopped at a red light behind another vehicle. However, they soon saw another vehicle rapidly approaching in the rear-view mirror, pursued by police lights. Before they knew it, that vehicle had crashed into the back of their car at 60 mph, causing severe damage.

The victims’ car spun several times after the initial collision before stopping. The pair were rushed to the hospital; while the man suffered a broken leg and arm, the woman suffered internal injuries requiring immediate surgery as well as a broken leg as a result of the motor vehicle accident. The woman’s diaphragm had been torn in the crash, moving her organs into her chest cavity. Local police said that the crash followed their attempt to stop the speeding driver, a 72-year-old man who was arrested after the collision on allegations of drunk driving. In an interview, the man accused of causing the accident said that he was not intoxicated and that he could not explain why he had driven at a high speed into a car waiting at a red light.

He attempted to blame his alleged reckless driving on cold medication that he had taken at Walmart before driving. However, he is facing criminal charges of maiming, driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license and driving without insurance. The man admitted that he could not remember the period immediately before or after the car accident.

While the criminal case will move forward, the accident victims may face escalating medical bills and time away from work. A personal injury attorney could help such victims seek compensation for damages caused by a negligent driver.