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Who is liable for an injury at a public pool?

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Uncategorized

Public pools are a great way to beat the heat in the summer, but they are not without risks. The majority of injuries in a pool happen between May and August. When these injuries do occur, what can you do to receive the compensation you need for the consequences of the injury?

When someone receives a serious or fatal injury on someone else’s property, including public property, it typically falls under the area of a premises liability claim. There are many types of injuries someone can sustain from a pool, and recognizing these injuries is the first step in seeking compensation for them. There are more ways for someone to get hurt at a pool, including types of injuries like:

Muscle and joint injuries

Jumping into the shallow end of the pool can cause serious injuries, whether you jumped in head-first or feet-first. Landing improperly in a pool can cause you to twist a joint in the wrong way or suffer a deep-tissue injury.

Brain injury or nerve damage

Diving in the shallow end, hitting your head on the edge of the pool, and falling from the diving board can all result in traumatic brain injuries or paralysis. Even minor injuries can cause permanent numbness or other loss of bodily function.


Drowning is not always fatal but can still have lifelong consequences. Oxygen deprivation can cause a child to have permanent brain damage or paralysis. When a public pool does not have a lifeguard on duty, or the lifeguard fails to protect the swimmers, the consequences can be disastrous.


The area around a pool is typically very wet and can also come with many trip hazards like loose towels or swimming toys. Running around the pool and tripping can cause broken teeth, other bones, wrist injuries, and head injuries.

What you can do after an injury

After a pool injury, speak with an experienced attorney right away. They can help you review your unique situation to determine if the pool owners are liable through neglect or reckless ownership. From there, they can help you secure the compensation you need to cover the costs of your injuries.