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Defective bed rails lead to two deaths

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2021 | Products Liability

Elderly and disabled people sometimes require home modifications to help them be more independent. Bed rails are a common tool used in private homes and assisted living facilities in Virginia. If a bed rail is not manufactured or installed correctly, however, there can be devastating consequences.

Hundreds of thousands of bed rails recalled

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has issued a voluntary recall of 496,000 of its portable bed rails after two seniors died. The recall includes four models of bed rails that were sold for between $30 and $80:

  • Model 15062, Bed Assist Rail with Folding Board
  • Model 15064, Bed Assist Handle
  • Model RTL15063-ADJ, Home Bed Assist Handle
  • Model RTL15073, Home Bed Assist Handle

The vast majority of these defective products were sold in the U.S., but the recall also includes 68,000 products sold in Canada and 119 products sold in Mexico. In the US, the recalled bedrails were available for purchase at medical supply stores all over the country. The bed rails could also be purchased online through Walmart and Amazon between October 2007 and December 2021. There may be dangerous product claims claims filed as a result of the recall.

Victims were entrapped by bed rails

There have been two deaths linked to the defective bed rails: a 93-year-old woman in California and a 92-year-old man in Canada. In both of the fatal accidents, the victims became stuck between the bed rails and their mattresses due to the bed rails not being securely attached.

What to do if you own one of the bed rails

If you own one of the defective bed rails, you should stop using the product immediately. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a warning that the bed rails could cause entrapment and asphyxiation. Any injury incidents that you are aware of involving the bed rails can be reported to the CPSC, and you can contact Drive DeVilbiss for a refund.