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Be concerned about distracted drivers

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | Car Accidents

Government agencies track statistics related to distracted driving, and those unfamiliar with data might not realize how threatening the problem is on the roads. Many people in Virginia lose their lives each year in collisions involving a distracted driver, and often the driver engages in behavior they perform routinely. Such reckless habits could lead to an unavoidable collision. So, it becomes necessary for people wishing to avoid harm to become aware of typically distracted driving behaviors.

Distracted driving behaviors

Someone traveling to their job might multitask using a hands-free system to make phone calls, voice messages or text messages. Unfortunately, the person may suffer from cognitive distractions that increase the chances of collisions. Glancing at the touchscreen, even for a moment, may create a visual distraction. If someone is talking while driving or looking away from the road, the person could be distracted.

Occupying one’s hands is another common reason for so many distracted driving accidents. Grooming oneself in the rearview mirror is not why that mirror is there. Such behavior only leads to distractions that can cause accidents. Upon noticing a driver’s hands aren’t on the wheel and are occupied elsewhere, it may be wise to be cautious.

A distracted driver might ignore the speedometer and drift to higher speeds. The road conditions allow. The driver might not see obstructions in the road, weaving at the last minute, causing a crash. Drivers who speed up and then slow down or narrowly miss a crash might be dangerously distracted.

Legal issues

Anyone liable for injuring or killing another person would face a civil suit. With minor collisions, the lawsuit could seek compensation for property damage. Ultimately, all negligent car accidents in Virginia might result in litigation.

An insurance settlement may cover the losses. If the driver’s insurance is too low, exploring underinsured motorist claims might be necessary.