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3 leading causes of children’s deaths in car accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2023 | Car Accidents

If you have kids, it is natural to feel excited about taking them on family trips and driving them to fun places. However, your ride can instantly turn sour if you get into an accident. Even the most minor road incidents can cause injuries. In worse cases, collisions can result in death.

Road hazards can easily worry parents. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent death and harm in these scenarios. But first, you must know about the most common risks for kids in motor vehicle accidents:

  • Failing to strap on seat belts
  • Improper use of safety features, including car and booster seats
  • Alcohol impairment

How can I protect my children?

You cannot track and remove drunk drivers on roads, but you can look at factors within your control, such as seat belt and accessory usage. Also, you must choose seat attachments based on the child’s age and height. Installing the right equipment can lessen injury risks in a collision by up to 82%. Here are the guidelines you should follow:

  • From birth to around four years old: The car seat must be rear facing.
  • For toddlers who outgrew the rear-facing position: Change seat position to face forward.
  • Up to nine years old: Use forward-facing booster seats.
  • Older or taller kids: They can buckle up without any seat attachments. However, the lap belt must firmly lay across the thighs, not the stomach.

Make it a habit for everyone in your vehicle to fasten their seat belts properly, no matter how short the drive is. Building these habits can ensure your children’s safety now and in the future if they decide to get their driver’s licenses.

What else should I do?

When it comes to car rides, you can also set strict rules with your youngsters. Likewise, you should set an example by applying your rules to yourself. You can also schedule a safety seat check with a certified technician, or attend a public safety check event. Once vehicle safety is checked, you can focus on making memories with your kids.