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What happens when mail trucks cause crashes and hurt people?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | Car Accidents

The United States Postal Service (USPS) moves millions of pieces of mail and packages across the country each and every week. Their services are crucial for business operations and interpersonal relationships alike. People put a lot of faith in the USPS to deliver what they need to receive or send.

However, the transportation of mail via motor vehicle means that there’s some degree of risk of a crash occurring as deliveries are taking place. Large USPS commercial vehicles transport packages and mail between sorting facilities and also delivery vehicles used by drivers on their daily routes are both at risk of being involved in collisions.

What happens when a USPS driver causes a crash that leaves someone hurt?

USPS collisions are a minor but unignorable concern

Overall, the USPS itself has a rather strict standard for its drivers and delivery professionals. However, the USPS has made some business-savvy moves that have led to rising safety concerns. Specifically, the USPS began hiring cut-rate transportation companies to move mail in semi-trucks between facilities. These independent companies have caused at least 79 deaths in 68 fatal crashes since 2020, according to a shocking report by the Wall Street Journal.

The report showed that 466 of the companies providing service had high rates of Hours-of-Service violations. Lawmakers have started raising questions about the practice, but it will likely continue occurring for some time.

What happens after these major crashes?

Given that the semi-trucks moving the mail are larger and heavier than many small passenger vehicles, there is a concerning degree of risk for the public related to such vehicles. As in any other major motor vehicle collision in Virginia, the people affected by a crash involving a mail transportation vehicle may need to consider an insurance claim or possibly even a lawsuit.

Commercial transportation companies often have six or seven-figure insurance policies protecting their vehicles. The company hired by the USPS might be to blame, but there could potentially also be some liability for the USPS itself as well. In cases that need to go to court for full compensation, people will want to look at every option available to them.

Determining who should be held accountable for a mail delivery vehicle with the assistance of a legal professional can help those who have been affected by these dangerous commercial crashes pursue appropriate financial justice.