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Did you get bruises from a car accident?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | Car Accidents

Car accidents can cause serious injury and even death. The damages can be immediate and bloody, though they can also take time to manifest. Bruises or contusions can become visible hours after the crash.

Bruising is when the blood vessels under your skin break because of a significant impact. The blood accumulates below the surface of the injury and clots resulting in discoloration. Bruises appear on your body as black and blue marks. They can also be brownish or reddish. You may think you are unscathed, but these bruises may signify a more severe injury.

When should I worry about my bruises?

Bruises eventually heal over time, even without medical care. However, if you sustained bruises from a car accident, there is a possibility that you are experiencing internal bleeding or organ damage. The force from the crash could have been more intense than you initially realized. Here are signs you should seek medical attention for your bruises:

  • The bruise does not improve after a week
  • The bruise feels warm and tender
  • The bruise is causing numbness in your extremities
  • The bruise is on your neck, head, chest or anywhere in the trunk of your body
  • The bruise is increasing in size
  • There is swelling and soreness near the bruised area
  • You are experiencing nausea and extreme fatigue
  • There is blood in your urine
  • You have unexplained migraines and/or vision impairment
  • Your heart rate is irregular

If you suffered a forceful blow to the chest, you may have bruised an area of your heart or lung. Changes in your heart rate, such as palpitations and difficulty breathing, may indicate organ failure or damage. You may require surgery.

Do not underestimate a bruise

A bruise on your head, face or neck can also suggest an intracerebral hematoma. It is imperative you consult with a health care professional after a car accident, despite the mildness of your symptoms. Going to the hospital may seem excessive and expensive, but you can get compensation for the damages you suffered. In Virginia, you still have two years to pursue a personal injury claim. Prioritize your health and recover so you can recover justice after.