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What Happens After a Boating Accident?

Have you or someone you loved been injured in a boating accident? There are a few things you need to know.

Spending time on the water can be an enjoyable way to relax and unwind. Maybe you like sailing or going fishing, or perhaps you just like swimming. No matter what you like to do on the water, it’s important to understand that boating carries with it certain risks. Each year, approximately 2,500 people are injured in boating accidents in the United States, while more than 600 people die as a result of these accidents. If you or someone you know has been injured while spending time on the water, it’s important to understand what happens next so you can take the right steps to ensure both your safety and the safety of others. Here’s what you need to know.

Get to Safety

Your very first step after an accident should be to get to safety, and to ensure that each person is as safe and stable as possible. If someone requires medical care beyond basic first aid, always call emergency services immediately to request assistance. Emergency medical services are imperative if someone is seriously injured. Not only can this help safe someone’s life, but it also ensures you have a carefully documented paper trail that details the extent of the injuries, as well as when they occurred and who was involved.

Understand Reporting

It’s important to understand that in Virginia, boating accidents need to be reported within 48-hours. You must report the accident promptly and file a report that details what happened and who was involved. Again, this helps create a paper trail. It’s also important for insurance companies to know exactly what happened and when. Usually, the person in charge of the boat is the one who files the report.

Pay Attention

Make sure you pay careful attention to your injuries. It’s vital that you follow all medical advice after a boating accident. For example, if your doctor tells you to take two weeks off from work, you need to do it. While you might feel fine or believe that you are capable of performing your regular activities, keep in mind that if you plan to pursue legal restitution, failure to follow your doctor’s directions can negatively impact your case. This is because the opposing counsel may argue that your injuries are not as severe as you say they are. They may also argue that your injuries were exacerbated because of personal carelessness, so always do exactly what your physician says regarding self-care after an accident.

Talk With Your Attorney

No matter how bad your injuries might be, it’s important to seek counsel. An attorney understands what you’re going through, and can help you to understand what your rights, obligations, and options for moving forward are. In some cases, you may be entitled to compensation to help cover the cost of your medical care after the injury.

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