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What should Virginia cyclists do after a car accident?

Virginia cyclists who collide with automobiles should know how to react afterward to protect themselves as well as their rights.

Riding a bike along the streets of Virginia is a great way to get around while staying in shape and reducing your carbon footprint, but unfortunately, bike riding is not without its dangers. Bike riders should know what to do after being hit by an automobile. Such information could be valuable in preventing a serious injury and protecting your legal rights.

Stay still

Cyclists have to remember that they do not have the same level of protection on a bike that they have while in a car. This means that seemingly minor injuries or aches and pains could be more serious than they initially seem to be. It is best that you stay still after a car accident and take a few moments to assess which parts of your body you can move with ease, which are sore and which feel (or look) odd. Accidents that occur at low speed often do not result in serious injury.

Call the police

Because there is a chance an insurance claim needs to be filed, you should be sure to call the police after your accident, no matter how minor that accident might seem. Police reports are vital pieces of information in accidents, and having one could be the protection you need in court or with an insurance company. Just like you would had the accident occurred while you were behind the wheel, be sure to trade information with everyone involved in the accident, including witnesses.

Take images and video

While waiting for the police to arrive, you should take pictures of the accident scene, the driver’s license plate and any damage the car or your bike sustained. You might also want to record anything the driver says in case it can be used as evidence to build your case.

See a doctor

You might not realize the extent of your injuries after an accident, making it essential that you see a physician as soon as possible after your accident. Minor injuries can become major ones if left untreated, and failing to seek out as well as receive medical attention when it is necessary could void any claim you have to insurance reimbursement or coverage.

Contact the driver’s insurance company

If you were injured, or if your bike was damaged, there is a chance the motorist’s insurance company will cover you. Have a professional examine your bike to see whether it is damaged and how much repairs will cost.

No matter how careful cyclists are while riding in Virginia, there are times where an accident with a motorist is unavoidable. If you are ever injured in an accident with an automobile, your best option is to seek help from an attorney.