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Why should you hire a lawyer after an auto accident in Virginia?

After suffering injuries in auto wrecks, people may seek compensation for the resulting damages. To this end, it may benefit them to obtain legal counsel.

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles reported that there were 63,384 people injured in motor vehicle accidents in 2014. Due to these injuries, they may suffer damages for which they choose to seek compensation. In order to help maximize their financial recovery, it may be helpful for people to obtain legal representation.

Dealing with the insurance companies

Following auto collisions, insurance companies typically have their own agenda and are trying to avoid paying injury victims the maximum compensation. Going up against large insurance companies alone may seem daunting, and people may get pushed into a settlement they do not want or do not understand. Attorneys, however, are not easily intimidated, and will help ensure their clients do not give up their rights. They know what to ask for and how to negotiate for an optimal settlement.

Familiarity with the laws and procedures

In cases when a settlement cannot be reached and people choose to take legal action, there are a number of complexities involved. Those who have been injured in motor vehicle collisions must be in compliance with the laws and procedures, or their cases may not be heard. For example, Virginia law mandates that the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is two years. Thus, once that time period passes, they lose their right to file a civil lawsuit. Personal injury lawyers are familiar with the justice system, and may help ensure their clients meet the associated deadlines and other requirements.

Understanding the options

Before car accident injury cases go to trial, the opposition often proposes a settlement offer. On their own, some people accept the first offer thinking that it is their only option. It is important to keep in mind, however, that taking such a deal means giving up their right to take legal action in the future. Attorneys may help their clients understand the implications of their choices, and whether accepting a deal is the best course of action given their circumstances.

Proving claims

Even with an accident report from the authorities or a ticket assessing blame, obtaining fair compensation is not always straightforward. There may be limits on the evidence and witnesses people can present. In order to prove injury victims’ claims, legal representatives may draw on legal research, as well as expert testimony.

Looking out for the future

All of the implications of injuries sustained in Virginia auto collisions are not always immediately known. Additionally, insurance companies are often looking out for their own interests, not those of the injury victims, which may lead to people’s long-term needs going unmet. Thus, those who have been injured in such accidents may benefit from seeking legal counsel. An attorney from Crandall & Katt, Attorneys at Law may guide their clients through the process and look out for their best interests.